Personal Trainers Trust The Designors

Since 2016 The Designors has been at the cutting edge of the personal training industry as a fully-managed fitness marketing agency. Our unique model get makes us a recommended fitness website designer by some of the leading fitness industry companies, keeps our customers happy and your business growing year in and year out.

Stu Veitch

I hired The Designors to help me build a website that takes my personal training business to the next level. They approached it from a place of getting to know me and what i liked, disliked, wanted and needed. I found the experience with them very thorough. Whenever I wanted to change something or had any questions whether it be big or small Rickey and his team were always willing to help at the drop of a hat. I would definitely work with them again and recommend them to others. Because I believe they provide a service that gave me a website that I really wanted that I could not have created by myself

Alicia Scovell

My experience was and is very nice. Very fast response and changes were made easily and quickly. I expected to have my website take several weeks to go live and I was up in less than 2 weeks.

Lonnie Per.

I hired The Designors to build me a fitness website. They approached the project very well. They are great at what they do, timely and were very helpful in getting the site up and running. I’d be more than happy to recommend them.

Liam Tye

For me the main reason I went for The Designors was the membership that you get with the website so I know my site is maintained and looked after. Also being a personal trainer Rickey knows exactly what it is that I need to have an online presence with good content.

Earnest Fra.

I wanted a website with strong site built for my online fitness coaching business. Also, I needed a logo. Many exploratory questions were asked to obtain deep insight into buried information that needed to come out in the website design to better reach potential clients. Working with Dan and Eszter of my website was an exceptional experience. They were very thorough in extracting all pertinent information needed to build a great online fitness coaching website for my business. When I hired them, I had invested numerous hours in putting together a preliminary blueprint for my website. After filling out several of their questionnaires, hidden nuggets of valuable information that I had not considered was extracted and used to create a website that exceeded my expectations. (e.g. mission statement, biography, values, etc.). Also, Rickey and Nick were efficient and very responsive to my requests. They were very professional and offered great recommendations so that the end results would be spectacular! I will definitely continue to work with TheDesignors as my business grows. They are very professional and know what it takes for an online fitness coaching website to be successful. Their industry knowledge is invaluable compounded with their experience in building effective websites.

Kevin Mul.

[My experience was] Outstanding. Always willing to help answer questions and point in the right direction. Would you work with them again or recommend them to others? Why or why not?]I tell anyone who will listen about the English lad out in Thailand doing this great work.

Michelle Ryc.

They took the time to understand my specific needs and to help me structure my marketing plan effectively. Overall my experience has been wonderful! When it came to setting up my coaching packages Rickey did a great job of helping me walk through the marketing and pricing aspects of it. Nick is always quick to set up or edit everything website related. Its hard to pick out one specific thing when everything has been a top notch experience.

Rita Tien

With a random website-design company it would take much efforts to explain the needs of a fitness company like us while it is easy to end up with features you dont need and things that fell short. With Rickey we are confident he knows what are exactly we need especially it is at the same time good for the SME result.

Trine Han.

I hired The Designors to design a website. They were very good, fast and listened to my specific needs. The best thing about the service is the quick response to everything! Problems (and stupid small questions) get solved quick 😉 They know what they are doing and they do it well.

Henry Ive.

Rickey was very helpful (and still is). I am definitely getting my moneys worth and I couldn’t be happier. The biggest thing is how open and truthful they are with handling my questions and concerns. I am able to comfortably approach them and that is the biggest deal to me. Very awesome customer service!’