Not having a workout plan is poor for your health and strength. Just like not having a fitness website is poor for your business growth. You wouldn’t do that to your body, so don’t do it to your business. We can help you reach your full digital potential with the website designs we create for gyms, fitness coaches, and fitness studios.

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Why Do You Need a Fitness Website?

Customer Accessibility

As a local gym or fitness studio, it may be a bit harder for you to access your target audience in your community without it costing you a fortune. Chances are that your customers are searching for you online before they drive around town, so make sure you have a website that stands out and ensures the first time they venture out, it will be to your location. In other words, having a captivating fitness website design will motivate prospects to come to you rather than you having to run out searching for them.

More Visitors = More Memberships

With a new fitness website design comes more traffic and visitors to your site. With more visitors, that means more opportunity for you to get qualified members for your gym. We design your site with your end goal in mind every step of the way. Achieve your goals faster and more efficiently for less cost with a custom fitness web design from our talented designers.

Be an Industry Leader

Display your knowledge and show your expertise through your fitness web design and the content it contains. You can use your fitness web design to nurture leads or website visitors that may not be ready to fully commit to a gym membership quite yet. They want to learn more about fitness, your facility, and how they can accomplish their health goals before continuing their journey.

What will a new website design really do for my business? We’ll tell you.

A new website design created specifically for your customers’ needs will do more for you than just the eye can see, but you’ll see it in the numbers.

Improve User Experience: Deliver a better user experience to prospects seeking a new gym to join.

Improve Mobile Design: Make sure your mobile website design is fully functional and responsive for your potential members who are always on the go.

Improve Membership Numbers: Enhance your website design and make it easier for your visitors to get exactly what they desire from your website (to sign up for a membership)!

Fully Managed

Fitness Websites

Our team of designers, copywriters and tech nerds will write your copy, buy stock images, host your site and take care of it forever.

Our expert personal trainer website design and marketing services are trusted by hundreds of fitness professionals worldwide.


1. Appearance

We will create a fitness website design for you that gives your visitors the same stunning first impression online that they would receive if they walked into your gym. A simple, yet sleek design custom made in house by our designers will give your gym the professional appearance online that you want it to have.

2. Navigation

Our designs offer user-friendly features like updated menu structure and clear call to action buttons that act as a virtual GPS guiding visitors through your site. Your design will not only make it easier for visitors to navigate through pages, but also easy to follow through by signing up for a free trial or requesting a personal training session. Clear and concise call to action buttons that seamlessly direct the user to the action you want them to take.

4. User Experience

Websites are often evaluated on many different metrics, but the ultimate deciding factor on if a website is great or not to visitors is the page speed and load time that enhances the overall user experience for visitors. We will update your code and design or fully build out new code for you that will offer this seamless experience to your user and encourage them to take action and become a member.

5. Updates

A great fitness web design is updated as user preferences change and market demand changes. With our website design services, you will have open communication with us to implement changes and updates as needed during the design process. Once the process is complete, we offer maintenance to assist in routine updates and the security of your website.

3. Responsive Design

Whether visitors are seeing your site through their desktop computer screen or through the latest smartphone screen, they will be receiving the same great user experience. Your fitness website design will be compatible on all devices of all sizes. The world today is mobile, so your fitness web design should be too. Chances are that the majority of your website visitors will do so on their phones whether they are just on the go or already out on the town searching for a local fitness center to get a quick workout in. We want you to be visible for anyone who tries to find you.


1. Industry Experience

You wouldn’t take fitness advice from someone who doesn’t appear to be in shape or perform daily workouts. So why would you work with a digital marketing company who has never actually succeeded in producing a functional fitness website? You wouldn’t. And we definitely wouldn’t want you to. You can rest assured when working with us on your fitness website design that you will walk away with a well constructed and customized product that will continue to bring you years of success just like our other fitness clients.

2. Designers

Feel like you’re working with a personal trainer everyday during your journey to a new fitness website design for your brand. You will have a professional designer dedicated to making your fitness website vision come to life online. Start seeing more web traffic and attracting more leads as your site goes live on its world stage.

3. Full Service

We want all of our fitness clients to grow to their greatest potential when they work with us which is why we offer a full service portfolio of digital marketing opportunities. Strengthen the success of your new fitness website design by polishing it with our content marketing services and making your website rank higher on search engines with our SEO services. Our clients with the greatest success implement several of our digital marketing services.

Website Features

Gym website functionalities
WordPress Installation
User-friendly admin panel
Google map direction
Fitness calculator
Workout routines
Attractive homepage
Nutrition tips
Contact us page
Super forms
Fitness classes schedules
Body mass index (BMI) calculator
Body fat percentage generator
Calories burned by heart rate calculator
Nutrition shop
Payment gateway integration
Fully responsive
Customization and redesigned

Personal Trainers Trust The Designors


Since 2016 The Designors has been at the cutting edge of the personal training industry as a fully-managed fitness marketing agency. Our unique model get makes us a recommended fitness website designer by some of the leading fitness industry companies, keeps our customers happy and your business growing year in and year out.

Trine Han.

I hired The Designors to design a website. They were very good, fast and listened to my specific needs. The best thing about the service is the quick response to everything! Problems (and stupid small questions) get solved quick 😉 They know what they are doing and they do it well.

Kevin Mul.

[My experience was] Outstanding. Always willing to help answer questions and point in the right direction. Would you work with them again or recommend them to others? Why or why not?]I tell anyone who will listen about the English lad out in Thailand doing this great work.

Alicia Scovell

My experience was and is very nice. Very fast response and changes were made easily and quickly. I expected to have my website take several weeks to go live and I was up in less than 2 weeks.

Liam Tye

For me the main reason I went for The Designors was the membership that you get with the website so I know my site is maintained and looked after. Also being a personal trainer Rickey knows exactly what it is that I need to have an online presence with good content.

Lonnie Per.

I hired The Designors to build me a fitness website. They approached the project very well. They are great at what they do, timely and were very helpful in getting the site up and running. I’d be more than happy to recommend them.

Henry Ive.

Rickey was very helpful (and still is). I am definitely getting my moneys worth and I couldn’t be happier. The biggest thing is how open and truthful they are with handling my questions and concerns. I am able to comfortably approach them and that is the biggest deal to me. Very awesome customer service!’


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